Code: ICE 15219

Digital 12 kanals signal prosessor


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  • Digital 12 channel signal processor with 192 kHz / 32 Bit signal path
  • modular concept with either analog or digital stereo input and output modules
  • 8 input channels and 12 output channels
  • double BEC (Brax extension card) slots for additional modules like Bluetooth, USB-Audio, etc.
  • Exceptional sound quality; ultra wide audio bandwidth up to 80 kHz (192 kHz sample rate)
  • Incorporates three latest generation Sigma350 DSPs for outstanding processing power
  • DiSAC volume control in combination with BRAX MX4 PRO
  • Unparalleled extensive power supply with 55 regulators in total
  • Dimensions: 40 x 177 x 104 mm
  • Made in Germany